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Our 1-year old, clearly excited for the buffet breakfast on our $3,000 Greek island vacation we paid for with points🙃

Not enough money or leave to travel?😪

You never seem to have enough leave days to go on vacation or even just go home to see your folks. And even if you did have the leave, traveling can be prohibitively expensive…especially if you have kids. Sometimes, it feels like you have to choose between saving for your kids’ college and taking your kids on vacation a couple times a year.

But what if you could travel for free…

I want to travel for free!🙋🏽‍♂️

Maybe you’re going TDY for the umpteenth time this year and just want to fly in a little more comfort (like me, as I’m writing this).

Maybe you’re planning your honeymoon to Hawaii on a budget but you want to surprise your bride with a luxury hotel that you “shouldn’t be able to afford” (like my good buddy did last year).

Or maybe you just don’t want to miss out on cashback every time you swipe your card at the commissary (ouch!)

Join thousands of military members who are using credit card points and miles to travel the world and upgrade their TDY travel for free!

But how??

A cow at the bug-infested agriturismo hotel I stayed at in northern Italy on my way to see the F-35 factory in Cameri, Italy 🐮


Top 5 Cards for Military Members and Spouses

Discover the world with these premium credit cards that offer special protections and lucrative benefits exclusively for military members and spouses!

The Palm Suite, a luxurious Cat 7 Hyatt SLH property across the street from the Colosseum in Rome. We surprised my mom with a 3-night stay here for Thanksgiving on her first trip to Europe🦃


Thanks to the Military Lending Act and the Servicemember Civil Relief Act, active duty military members AND their spouses are eligible to receive annual fee waivers on dozens of premium credit cards!

My wife and I have received tens of thousands of dollars in free travel thanks to credit card rewards! And because of my active duty status, my wife and I receive over $4,000 a year of annual fees waived!

All we do is open new credit cards every so often, earn their sign up bonuses, then use those points to stay at luxurious 5-star hotels, eat at Michelin star restaurants, and upgrade our flights to premium cabins — all for FREE! In the last 4 years alone, we’ve earned over 1.5 million points! And we’re just getting started…

Hello Military Travel Rewards😊

Our mission at Military Travel Rewards is to help military families travel more often and more comfortably for free. Military families sacrifice a lot for their country, and as a small thank you, it is our goal to help families take advantage of the incredible benefits available to them.

Whatever your travel goals, credit cards rewards can help you get there.

Learn how credit card rewards can change your life…best decision you’ll have made all day.

The great minds behind Military Travel Rewards👨‍👩‍👧 Just kidding, I run the blog by myself. They’re just eye candy😊


The #1 Card for Military Members and Spouses💯

This card offers thousands of dollars in premium luxury benefits, as well as regular, everyday perks! Every military member AND their spouse should have one. And not just be an authorized user…You should each have your OWN card and you’ll double your benefits. You’ve probably heard of it before…

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